Featured Artists

Photography by Ange Harper

Quite simply, I love photography and everything it brings with it. From meeting the cutest babies, the proud mum and dads, the privilege of being entrusted to photograph weddings to crazy talented fashion designers, gifted makeup artists and inspiring models.

Visit: www.angeharper.com

Artwork by Vikki Yeates

Vikki Yeates paints British Wildlife and evokes the natural world in a timeless, ethereal way. Her growing series of Hare paintings has become an obsession, captured in oil pastel and lino ink; the hares move with a magic glow and enchant the viewer with their beguiling, amber eyes. Vikki’s work is mystical and folkloric and she is drawn to a pre-modern world of nature, untarnished by humanity. The hares dance with thistles and ivy and flow in cyclical, eternal patterns, taking the viewer into a pagan view of nature.

To see more  visit www.vikkiyeatesillustration.co.uk

Naomi Cornock

Naomi Cornock is a pagan artist living on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, originally from Australia she returned to her ancestral homeland and settled in Devon where she has focused her spiritual path and through her art connects with spirits of the land and honours the old ways. Her art is both an expression of the deep connection she has with her ancestral lands and her love for the stories, legends and myths of the different Pagan pantheons across Europe. She reproduces her art as wall hangings and flags for sacred spaces and is currently exploring themes of European Animism and using her art for healing meditation.

To see more visit www.nomeart.com